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    Radar Altimeter Antennas

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    Helical Antennas

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  • Helical Antennas

    Helical Antennas

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    Wrap Around Antenna Collage

Microwave & RF Antennas for Aerospace Applications

U B Corp designs and manufactures microwave & RF antennas for aerospace applications such as FTS, GPS, IFF, Telemetry, Altimetry, Beacon Tracking, Scoring and Transponders.

Since 1968 we have developed a broad product line of off-the-shelf antennas consisting of blades, flush mounts, horns, micropatches, wrap arounds, cavity-back spirals, monopoles, dipoles, helicals, arrays, meanderlines, etc. These antennas are environmentally suited for such applications as launch rockets, missiles, targets, drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, airplanes and helicopters.

We have in-house capability for research and development of new designs or we can manufacture from your specifications.  ISO 9001-2008 Certified.



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Providing Engineering Research, Design, Production & Support Services for Millimeter Wave Antennas, Radar Threat Simulators


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